The One Where We are Seniors



Celebrate your senior year with the One Where We are Seniors sticker!

Elevate your senior year style with our trendy Senior Class of 2025 Stickers – the ultimate accessories to personalize your computers, water bottles, Chromebooks, and planners! Crafted with the latest trends in mind, this sticker is more than just adhesive – it's a statement piece that reflects your individuality and celebrate the final year of your high school journey.

Apply it to your laptop for a touch of flair during class, on your water bottle for a stylish hydration companion, on your Chromebook for personalized tech, or on your planner to mark important milestones. The possibilities are endless for self-expression.

Size: Small 2" x 0.85", Large 3" x 1.28"

Make your senior year unforgettable with one these trendy senior stickers. Embrace the trend – embrace your senior style!